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Falling Apart To Half-Time
Part One
Pete's POV
(Scene located in a local bar.)
I was having a really bad day. Nothing seemed to be going
right. Whatever I did, it just didn't turn out right; and
because of that I was in a really crappy mood.
I leaned over the counter at the bar and scratched out a set
of lyrics again. Why couldn't I just get them right? I knew
what I wanted the lyrics to say but I couldn't get the words
to come out right.
I tried again and began writing a different set of lyrics.
Once I finished writing, I read them over again. Nope. I
scratched them out again. 'Stupid song lyrics…' I muttered.
A sudden movement behind me made me jump. I turned around to
see a young man with reddish colored hair and kind eyes,
hidden behind glasses, staring back at me.
"Excuse me," he began, "But do you write lyrics?"
I nodded, confused.
"You seem to be having trouble. Mind if I help?"
Part Two:
Patrick's POV
My day had been going great. Everything I did turned just
the way I planned it.
Listening to my iPo
:iconaethinia:Aethinia 0 8
Poise And Rationality
Poise and Rationality
It's a night of entertainment. Panic at the Disco is having a concert and Brendon Urie is in the middle of the final chorus for 'I Write Sins, Not Tragedies.'
While singing, Brendon glances at Ryan. His face looks sad, but concentrating. Someone in the audience screams, "We love you, Ryan!"
Ryan forces a fake smile to the audience, looking at the fans that screamed and laughs, but Brendon knows that his smile is a fake one.
Finishing the song, Brendon smiles and waves to the dazzled crowd, and walks off stage. Behind him, Ryan, Jon, and Spencer follow.
Inside the messy Panic dressing room, Brendon takes a towel and wipes his sweaty forehead off. "Great crowd out there."
Jon nods, placing his guitar in his case. "Yeah, good crowd."
Brendon shakes his sweaty hair off of his forehead. Looking towards Ryan, he asks, "Is everything okay? You seemed sort of sad."
Ryan looks up at Brendon. "Nah, I just have a lot on my mind." He pulls a fake, cheesy smile.
"You're such a
:iconaethinia:Aethinia 0 8
Young Veins-Panic at the Disco by Aethinia Young Veins-Panic at the Disco :iconaethinia:Aethinia 10 57 Gaia Chibi - Vintage Orion by Tigris-Lilium Gaia Chibi - Vintage Orion :icontigris-lilium:Tigris-Lilium 4 10 lol ronnie in booty shorts by miseryluvsme612 lol ronnie in booty shorts :iconmiseryluvsme612:miseryluvsme612 16 26 EPOTI 33 by justflyakite EPOTI 33 :iconjustflyakite:justflyakite 750 158 BOC: Breakfast Of Champions by spoopty23 BOC: Breakfast Of Champions :iconspoopty23:spoopty23 45 67 Jimmy's the mastermind by VanVie Jimmy's the mastermind :iconvanvie:VanVie 6 2 Mindless Self Indulgence by VanVie Mindless Self Indulgence :iconvanvie:VanVie 50 41 .:NO WAY:. by spoopty23 .:NO WAY:. :iconspoopty23:spoopty23 37 137 Halloween Costumes: CORRUPTION by spoopty23 Halloween Costumes: CORRUPTION :iconspoopty23:spoopty23 25 18 Greatness Achieved by spoopty23 Greatness Achieved :iconspoopty23:spoopty23 41 107 Birthday Suit by spoopty23
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Birthday Suit :iconspoopty23:spoopty23 120 104
panic at the circus by speep panic at the circus :iconspeep:speep 97 21 Halloween Costumes: LUST by spoopty23 Halloween Costumes: LUST :iconspoopty23:spoopty23 36 25
Dawn of the Bears - Chapter 11
Alex chuckles a bit: Bearettes... yeah...
She looks over to her friend who was watching the other boys of the band approaching them as well.
Su: Weee, Alex... look... ...
She points over to Patrick who was getting his shirt straight.
Pete turns around to look as well, giggles: Ah, Beartrick is coming.
Both girls immediatley look back at him.
Pete: I saw your banner earlier. So you call it Beartrickology?
Su starts thinking of an explanation: Well, we just... needed some kind of name... and Beartrickology...
Alex interupts: It's what the believers call it.
Pete smiles: Because believers never die.
Su: Yeah!
She looks over to Patrick again, who is only a few steps away from them. His ear is twitching uncontrollably. He tries holding it so it would stop. Su is amazed, pokes Alex a bit.
Su: Look! It's twitching!
Alex looks over to Patrick as well: I wish we could twitch ours...
Patrick walks to Pete, sighs: My ear's gone crazy...
Pete chuckles: It's our 3rd... 4th... 5th night? ... don't e
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Barista of Hope
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| Tonight is all about "We miss you"
And I can't forget your style or your cynicism
Somehow it was like you were the first to listen to everything we said....

My smile's an open wound without you...
And my hands are tied to pages inked to bring you back... |


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Name = Sugi, Dib, Invader, Echidna, Megs, Rica

Current Residence = Ryan Drive in Bryan county!! [[Ya know, ya know, like Ryan Ross and Bryan 'Monte' Money!! >XDDD -is bricked]]

Favorite bands = Linkin Park / Fall Out Boy / Panic! At the Disco / Mindless Self Indulgence / Dresden Dolls / Escape the Fate / My Chemical Romance / Hadouken! / Cobra Starship / The Academy Is... / 3OH!3 / Simple Plan / Blink 182 / Sum 41 / Birthday Massacre / Hellogoodbye / I Fight Dragons / Ludo /

Favorite Movie[s] = The Nightmare Before Christmas / REPO! the Genetic Opera / Rocky Horror Picture Show /

Personal Quote = 'That's obscene!!'
'¿Que pasa taco verde?'
'Holy mirthful messiah motherfuck!'

Hey, Check THIS Shiny =
I am Bryan Monte Money in dA's Escape The Fate Crew!

Hey Everyone!

Journal Entry: Wed May 2, 2012, 8:19 AM
Sorry I've seemed so dead and like...inactive and stuff. Recently I've found a new home on Tumblr, and I'm probably gonna be on there more than here....


Since I've discovered this tablet that works. I am back to doing my art more regularly! Which means...well get ready for a Hamsteak flood in your inboxes from me!

I've missed all you guys and I hope to get back to being a bit more active on here...

I'm just so happy to be able to colour



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